Windows and doors produced with aluminum profile systems are primarily a combination of functionality, durability and aesthetics. It allows to fully satisfy the high demands of the shipbuilding industry. Our product`s design is backed by years of business experience in the production for the shipbuilding industry. We should mention mainly constructions of walls, windows and doors, including doors automatically controlled having its own mounting system in the bulkhead and side walls.


Aluminum windows and doors with thermal insulation characterized by low coefficients Uw are almost obvious choice in the era of energy-efficient construction. It is worth mentioning the possibility of using hardware tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the facility, including intelligent solutions, for example electronically controlled access control systems. Aluminum as the material can be processed lossless repeatedly – is therefore environmentally friendly material. Not without significance is the aspect of aesthetics, aluminum joinery systems are the favorite choice of architects and designers, which offers almost unlimited possibilities.

Fireproof joinery is available in classes B0 / A0 and B15 / A60. In our offer there are also systems in classes with increased resistance to burglary RC (WK) and bulletproff classes (BR).

CNC Technology

Production of aluminum joinery in company BOHAMET is based on specialized design environment, and the production line fully based on CNC technology. Only this combination allows you to achieve excellent product quality and enables the production of custom design using individual customized solutions.