Comfort and safety. BOHSLIDE 65 Automatic Doors facilitate communication to a large extent. This user-friendly solution is dedicated for places where comfort and modern reliable structures are most important. The combo radar barrier system installed in BOHSLIDE 65 Automatic Doors monitors proper operation of the doors and correct recognition of persons, whereas the full protection package controls operation of the whole system.

The doors are made of  „cold” profiles (without thermal break) or „warm” profiles fitted with a thermal break ensuring high thermal insulation. An adjustable door sill enabling optional installation of a heating cable ensures quick and smooth assembly of the drive and leaves on the ship’s side. BOHSLIDE 65 Automatic System is suitable for installation on the outer side, therefore it can be used in salt and aggressive marine environment since it is made of corrosion resistant materials such as aluminium, 316 type steel and plastics.

Door functions:

  • Automatic opening (default mode).
  • Manual opening.
  • Opening with the use of the leaf switch only.
  • Full opening.
  • Partial opening (winter mode).

Options available

  • Remote opening buttons mounted on the door leaf;
  • Emergency opening button.
  • Sill with a heating cable in case of icing.
  • Set of combo radar barriers or radars + external barriers.
  • Waterproof combo radar enclosure.
  • Ceiling or wall combo radar mounted type.
  • Installation to bulkhead system (clamped or bolted).