Most often used in passenger cabins and small vessels such as yachts, it is manufactured with two different types of hardware. The first one is a slide rail system made of stainless steel, the second one constitutes a lift and slide system allowing the active door leaf to be blocked in any position by leaf lowering when opened. Max. weight of the leaf is 400 kg. The structure of slide doors is space-saving and ensures flexibility in interior use and arrangement.

The doors are made of corrosion resistant materials, i.e. aluminium, 316 type austenitic steel and plastic. Slide door systems come in various shapes and dimensions which allows fulfilment of all customer expectations and requests.

Available in a „cold” version (e.g. opening internal partitions) and „warm” version fitted with a thermal break which significantly improves thermal insulation of the structure.

Door types:

In the basic version, the door are ​​available with one or two active wings (single or double frame rail). Also it is possible to increase the amount of active wings and guide rails quantity. Opening direction according to the customer requirements.

For more information, please contact aluminum joinery department.

Door fittings:

Fittings allow to use door leaf weighing up to 400kg. Operating by handle (lift-sliding door) can be carried out with the help of additional support.

Additional options:

  • Installation elements to bulkhead (clamping or bolting).
  • Up to 400kg door leaf.
  • Black or gray gasketting.
  • Wide range of door leaves / rails quantity combinations.