Correct installation of ship windows is one of the most important factors affecting the long-term, trouble-free use. For mounting
we use only the highest quality materials – molded rubber gaskets and UV resistant adhesives – produced by well-known and reliable suppliers.

With BOHAMET’s highly trained and experienced installers we can provide delivery and exchange of the glazing within 72 hours.


Fixing, sealing and insulation are made with specialized materials suitable for the characteristics of the work. This prevents the infiltration of rainwater into the interior, while water vapor permeability is maintained. Technique used by us and pasting materials used ensure that the connections and seals are stable and do not react chemically with the surrounding other materials.

We are certified with FRAUNHOFER IFAM which ensures the highest quality of our work.


We provide welding services for the following products:

  • ship windows, doors and hatches,
  • window boxes,
  • wipers brackets.

We are able to weld components made of non-alloy structural steels, low-alloy and alloy steel, as well as aluminum, copper
and its alloys with following welding methods:

  • manual metal arc welding (111),
  • MAG welding with solid wire electrode (135),
  • TIG welding with solid filler material (141).

We also offer:

  • arc stud welding (78),
  • oxygen cutting (81),
  • plasma cutting (83).

Over 40 welders are certified by Welding Institute in Gliwice or Germanischer Lloyd in accordance with the standards PN-EN 287-1 and EN ISO 9606-2.